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Monday, January 17, 2011


Can you see him/her? It's a youngster......just sitting, looking, thinking, scoping.....such an awesome creature.
If you click on the picture you should be able to get a closer look. It sat and let me take pics.

About a week after taking the above pictures my husband and I came home and drove up to the chicken pen to unload feed. My heart sank when I looked over and saw this hawk in the pen! Feathers were everywhere and I just knew it had killed my last little banny hen. But, to my relief it had caught and killed a dove. My pen fills with birds in the mornings and evenings with all sorts of birds. They come in to eat with the chickens. I didn't have my camera so I took the below pictures with my cell phone...a horrible substitute.
I tried to catch it, I do NOT recommend anyone to ever do this! I had something to throw over it but it's beak and tines tore right through into my hand. I let it calm down and blocked the door so the chickens wouldn't get out but was able to coax the hawk out the door. To this day we have no idea how it got in.

A beautiful bird! An awesome bird! It was so sweet to be so close to it.Hawks are protected, so please don't kill them, after all, we for the most part are in their territory and they are predatory animals. They don't kill for the fun of it...just for survival.

Until next time!