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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Well Bless My Sole!

A few weeks ago......well to be honest it's been more on to two months! Time has flown by so fast! My Mom and I took a small road trip to gather fresh veggies. We try to do this every year. Acres of tomatoes and peppers and lots of other vegetables but we were concentrating on those two especially, on this trip.
After a few buckets of tomatoes I was carrying them back to my truck when my shoe blew out it's sole! ;) My favorite "outside" shoes.....I've had them for years and lucky for me I had a old pair of scissors in the truck. I cut the flappy part off and was good to they are still my favs! ;) 
Tomatoes...they go on and on.......
I picked four pounds of jalapeno peppers. The whole time I was picking them I was dreaming and could even taste the ways I planned on preparing them. Honestly the heat and humidity created a lot of hunger ;)  
I had some bacon, cream cheese and extra sharp cheddar cheese at home just waiting to be joined with those jalapenos! 
First I found some gloves! (playtex) This step is very important when working with peppers! Trust me, your hands will hurt and burn for days and days if you do this with naked hands! I washed the peppers then cut them in half and deseeded them, put them in a colander to dry while I prepared the cheese and bacon. I cut small pieces of cheese and put it off to the side, the bacon, I sliced in half. As you can see in the pics just put a little cheese in the jalapeno half then wrap it with half a slice of bacon. After two pounds of bacon I ran out and had to unwrap most of them and double up on the cheesed peppers, so some of them are actually whole peppers with a mix of cream cheese and sharp cheddar ;) A surprise of flavor! 
I lined them up on a cookie sheet and put wax paper in between each layer so I could freeze them. Once frozen I put them into freezer bags. They won't stick to each other if you freeze them this way first. 
I made a lot so I could freeze them to use when I'm in a hurry, I can just get a few from the freezer, pop them in the oven and YUM! 
You can also grill these. I like my bacon crunchy so I bake them on a broiling pan.
450-500 degree oven for about 25-30 minutes.....depending on your oven and how crunchy you like your bacon ;)

I have to warn you though....these will not last long! A few seem to be missing! My husband came in, just as they came out of the oven and before I could snap a pic! ;)
These aren't hot or spicy at all, which most aren't once the seeds are removed.
If you have a few jalapenos and like cheese and bacon, I hope you'll try these and enjoy them as much as we have.

Until Next Time!