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Sunday, December 16, 2012

She Grew From A Seed

Seven years ago this tree started growing inside my chicken pen. As the pen evolved and grew, it also grew, at one time it became entangled in the fencing and I had to cut the fence from around it. I never knew what kind of tree it would grow up to be but I knew I didn't want it to die. My husband and I eventually moved the chicken pen so it could grow outside of the pen.
This spring my husband asked me how old this tree is...."seven", I said and as he walked around her he found blossoms! We were so excited, but still had no idea what kind of tree she was. An orange tree? A lemon tree? A tangerine tree? A grapefruit tree????

My husbands brother lives next door and has a grapefruit tree that he grew from seed, it's a beautiful tree and delights us with white grapefruits every year! Since our bees have been visiting her, her fruits have become so sweet you can eat them straight from her branches! But we hoped beyond hope that it wouldn't be a grapefruit tree.....not a white one anyway.

For a couple of years now my husband has been wanting a pink grapefruit tree and when the blossoms turned into fruit (she only had five fruits) we hoped if she was a grapefruit tree that she'd have pink fruit. It was very doubtful that it would be so, so we forgot about it.
About a week ago my husband picked the largest of them, and tonight I cut it open. Can you imagine our delight when we saw that she's a pink grapefruit tree!!!! From a seed!

We each had a half and it was so good! Oh, and the seeds you see on the side....that was all that was in this one and they aren't actually seeds that will produce. I am amazed and can't wait to see how the other ones are. We are even more excited about the amount she'll produce next year! I love happy surprises!

Until Next Time!