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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crossbeak And Three Lazy Boys

I have been so neglectful about posting to my blogs and to my one and only reader.....;) I apologize. ;) I will try to do better.

Back in January of this year, three of my hens went broody. They hatched out
an assortment of sweet baby chicks. A few weeks ago I noticed something odd about one of them that I hadn't noticed the day before. I'm not sure if it came on all of a sudden or if it was a gradual thing because to me all of a sudden it was just there.I have been around chickens off and on all my life and have been keeping them for 30+ years and have never before seen or even heard of "Crossbeak" before. (not in a chicken anyway)
I watched her and she was doing great, she ate and drank just as good and vigorous as her siblings and over the next couple of weeks she became my favorite in the chicken yard.

(please excuse the dirt under my nails ;) I had been planting)
Crossbeak comes on when the chicks are somewhere around 8 weeks or so, and no one is sure of the cause. Some say it's hereditary and others say something happens during the incubation period. I tend to go with the latter, because I have both parents of this little chick and neither have even the slightest cross. During the incubation (which was done under a live hen and not in an incubator) I did move the mother hens and eggs during the last part of incubation. I moved them each to their own secluded box away from the other hens.
I'm not sure of their life span and I'm sad to say that this little one didn't make it.
These are just two of my boys (still living at home anyway) ;)

Tigger and Oreo.......two of four siblings we rescued. They are Polydactyl cats, each have seven (fingers ;) *toes* on their front paws and six on their back paws.
This must be so nice ;)

These three are males (brothers). Their sister is lounging somewhere......not sure where though. They are always within sight distance (where they can see me that is) when I'm outside. They're laying on an old piece of carpet I threw out, to lay in various parts of the yard to kill the grass, so I can plant. ;)

So much to little time......

Take Care!
Julie ;)