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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Waiting Game

Have you ever thought about how much of our lives is spent on waiting? It can be a boring, uneventful time. It can be an exciting or happy time, or it can be a sad time. I don't like to look at waiting on anything as being boring or sad. If you just look at time at a different angle, waiting on it can be quite fun, challenging, kind and knowledgeable.
I spent some time yesterday waiting in a doctors office, I could have read, I brought a book and a magazine with me and the tables were filled with interesting reads. But instead, I chose to listen to my "waiting" neighbor sitting beside me. It's amazing how much you can learn from someone in just a few minutes, without even knowing their name you can understand the kind of person they are. Everyone has a story to tell, we just need someone to tell it to, someone that is willing to take a few minutes to just "listen". I usually sit and listen to peoples stories while waiting in a waiting room. I really enjoy hearing about other people and how their life has been while being here, after all we are only passing through, some believe.
I'm usually not a good listener unless I'm tied to a "waiting" room ;) My days are spent racing and hurrying about trying to get things done, to "live" life. I guess that's why I enjoy sitting still once in a while and just being there to listen. I once met a beautiful young lady, she was so angelic and thinking of her now brings tears to my eyes......we had been sitting and talking and waiting. She was called back to see the doctor and a little while later came out and sat beside me, she had just been diagnosed with cancer for the second time in her life. She was all alone and so very young, her family was living States away. I held her and we cried together, silently and dignified, in the "waiting" room filled with people. She needed someone and I'm thankful I was there. I got the opportunity to meet a very special person.
I also have special people and living creatures all around me on a daily basis, sometimes I just have to stop myself and take a look around to see and appreciate them. Not all of them are human, but I love and enjoy them just the same;)
"Waiting on a neighbor" ...he used to come out to see me when he'd hear me outside.....see that hole in the fence, well he's outgrown it now and his mommy and dad put a log up to it so he and his sister can't come back through or tear the fence any further. I love these two and we still see and visit on the other end of the yard, where it's safer for them. They had gotten so big that they were having a hard time getting back through the hole ;)
"Waiting on babies"
"Waiting on a new home"
"Waiting to grow up"

"Waiting for dry land"
"Waiting on the strength to make it back home"
"Waiting on the next phase of life"
"Waiting for things to be over" ;)
"Waiting on family to come home safely"

"Waiting on good food to eat"

"Waiting on winter to be over" ;)
What are you waiting on? Are you making the best of your "waiting" time? Are you "living" and loving how you live? I hope so, I hope all of you are enjoying life to it's fullest! We were given this opportunity for a reason......Let's make the best of it!