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Friday, July 31, 2009

My Mental Therapy Clinic trip

I had an appointment today...a place I've been needing to go to for quite sometime now....
My morning started off as usual, cleaning the house and today friday chores....washing (deep cleaning) everything the clothes, floors,etc....
then I get to plug into the! I don't ever do a whole lot with or to my personal blog 'cause I'm so engulfed in everyone elses blog. If you've ever visited mine you can tell:O)
So I'm surfing from one blog to another, joining here and there and it hits me I have this appointment.....oh the agony! I don't want to gooooooo! But the nagging and guilt that I feel....I've been supposed to do this for soooo long.....OKAY!!!! I give in! I get up and get dressed, not in my best attire either you can believe that! When I get there my first thought is.....
MAN! What a jungle in here! Weeds everywhere! and NO place to sit.......
Something was watching me and I could see it poking it's head out but when I looked straight at it it would jump back in.........
And I don't even want to mention the little buggers that were there! So I stopped my whining and pulled up a crate box and had a seat.....I started my therapy treatment....:O). I got to memory visit with so many people....:O) my Grandmother for one......I've missed her terribly and the garden is something her and I always shared. From the time I could walk my memories were always with her in the yard and garden....she used to tell me to pull my shoes off so she could put fertilizer in them so I would "grow". I'd go to pull them off and she would laugh and get me to water something. She taught me how to squirt water from the hands were so tiny that my fingers kept going into the hose instead of covering it, I would be soaked.....she tried all different ways to get the water to spray out for I got older though I learned.
I also learned today something more about myself...something that I've known for a while, just something I didn't want to admit to......I'm an addict! I feel so bad about husband has thought all this time that the honeybees have been consuming all of my time but I have to admit's BLOG addiction!!!!! I surf and surf from one blog to the next and the next......never quite getting enough.........until something makes me look at the little clock in the lower right hand corner of my computer exclaiming the TIME!!!!! Oh! My gosh! It's THAT LATE ALREADY?????
Then I think I might have time to tweak my blog site and make it more attractive....but NO.....I'm too burned brain is fried......I can't think anymore.....all I CAN think about or WORRY about is Penny's roo over at backtobasicliving......or what farmgirlfoodie is cooking up next.....or how "little Bella" is doing now that she's came into this world(passionandparidise) and the list goes on and on....not to mention the ones I joined this morning BEFORE therapy:O)
Ahhhh...but alas! I've made it to the end of a session......I feel sooo much better now. I can breathe......the guilt is gone......
Along with ALL of my troubles......euuuu.....well I guess I have to book another session.....I have the other side of the sidewalk to do next:O)
So until next time......How does your garden grow????


  1. The perfect therapy! It looks great! Blog hopping can be addictive for sure. But it's so much dang fun to see what everyone is up to! I've made some good "friends" through blogging - and I find writing a blog is a therapy in itself. Welcome to the madness!

  2. Madness for sure! But a pleasant madness. Never would have started this though if it hadn't been for you:O)So does this mean I have to give you credit for my therapy sessions as well?:O)))))

  3. Oh the hours we can spend checking out all the interesting life in other gardens.....for me work eats up my day, I'm only left with a couple of hours a week....hate to think how bad I would be without that control LOL!

  4. Oh how I love the idea of the garden being our own personal therapy treatment!!YES that's what it is...calms restores peace in both mind and spirit!!
    Thank you for the encouragement that you left me recently at my blog! love and light and peace to you..Anna

  5. I know what you mean Molly. I don't spend near enough time as I would like outside in my garden. I really like spending time in other peoples gardens through blogs. So many people have such beautiful places to escape to:O)

    Anna, That's another reason I visit other peoples gardens on the helps when I can't get into mine.You are still and will be in my thoughts and prayers.