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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Roody The Little Roo With A Big Heart

This is Roody, of all the roosters I've had in my life, I have to say he's the best at being a Dad. It's something he takes pride in, he loves it, it's a job he's serious about!
I want to share Roody's story with you ;) Last fall we were overrun with young roosters and if you've ever been around roosters you know they can reek havoc on the hens. When this happens I try to find homes for them but not many people want roosters, so......the inevitable happens :/  They go into the freezer.
Roody was one of those freezer bound fellas, but I had noticed he didn't treat the hens badly, as a matter of fact I actually thought he had a heart problem, LOL. My husband laughed at me when I told him after Roody finished "courting" a hen he went into a daze, staggered around and fell over! I walked over and picked him up and a few seconds later he came around. Now this didn't happen just once but several times (that I saw) so he became my little roo.....he was special. ;)
Roody is a Cochin Bantam Rooster.
Here he is with a few of his little peeps ;)
Before he became an adopted Dad, three of my bantam hens went broody. I wanted   larger hens so I put large eggs under them to hatch instead of bantam eggs and Roody isn't the biological dad either, so these peeps will be large chickens.
I have a large rooster younger than Roody, I keep them separated now because I've had to sew the poor little guy up once and the last time was almost over for him. He was beat so bad his eyes were shut for days...these fights were way before the peeps came to be. I've had Roody for two years now and plan on him living here for many more years! The other roo may not be so lucky ;/
Aren't they cute!? After they were a couple of days old I moved the Moms and peeps into the coop with Roody because something was coming through the fence holes at night (I think it was a rat).
Roody was filled with joy, seriously he really was! He took on the role as Father like no other I had ever seen. He watched over the peeps while the Moms had dust baths and time away! If they chirped too loud he was calling and trying to calm them down.

My niece loves to visit the chickens when she comes over ;)

You wouldn't believe the coaxing I had to do to get him to hold this chick! LOL
Well, as soon as the chicks learned how to fly up on the roost at night the mothers flew the nursery coop! They left the peeps with Roody and joined the old flock of hens! Now they are teens and the poor guy is still hanging in there with them. He still watches over them when they free range and they still sleep under and beside him night after night. ;)

He still is number one! This is them now...look at these teenage peeps! ;)
I have to smile at my Little Roody...he has totally exceeded my expectations as a devoted rooster. He has an amazing heart and soul to put up with this group day in and day out! How does he sleep!?
Happy Father's Day Roody!

Happy Father's Day!!!
Until Next Time,
Enjoy who you are and what you do!
Julie ;)


  1. I love Roody's story. He is a special & good daddy rooster.
    Happy papa day Roody !!

  2. Roody is such sweetie. I just love this story. And poor fella must really enjoy his "intimate" time with the ladies - it made me laugh to imagine him just about passing out afterwards! The kids with biddies are really cute. And I hope Roody had a very wonderful father's day. Love you lots.

  3. Thank you Penny! He is a sweetie! He finally outgrew his "heart" problem LOL
    I think everyday is father's day for Roody. ;)
    Love you Bunches!