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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The takes patients.....
Meet Griffen, he's waiting on his papa to come home from work. He has a built in "brain clock":O) And knows his papa is almost home.

Yes! He's home, he's home!
I haven't introduced our beloved dogs to you yet so here they are....Griffen is our youngest and is now 3 years old. Our oldest son called me one night with a request....a the time he lived four hours from us....summed up he asked if I would take a puppy that he knew was on it's way to the pound......he sent me a picture over the phone and I couldn't refuse...even though everything in me was saying noooo not another dog!!! At the time we had four and had just recently lost another..she was very old and I didn't want anymore dogs!! He pumped me up really good...he knows how to "play" his mom:O) Oh, Mom please...he needs a good home and you live out where he can run and be with other dogs...he'll have a good home with you....please....Okay....I caved! I even went to pick him up! My sister went with me and we had a great time together.....we rarely get to talk, let alone spend time together. Actually that was the last time we've been together just the two of us and that's been TWO years how time flies! Anyway, Griffen had and STILL has issues....he was indeed a "city" dog! He had lived in an apartment with a young couple that went on "vacation" and my son's friend "dog sat"...well they never came back to get the pup! They ran into the couple a few weeks later and was told they needed to take him to the pound....hence the phone call to me....Like I said he "was" a "city" dog and took him a long time to adjust. He developed skin allergies and was scared of everything but had a huge ego! I have had a lot of dogs in my lifetime and I have to tell you he is not a normal animal!!! I don't even put him in a category with a dog! I could write a book about him but right now I'll move on to the "girls"
This is Sasha...our middle son's"Girlfriend at the time" gave her to him for his birthday!!! His plea was Mom please just let me keep her over night and if she doesn't work out I'll give her back....Please......Sasha is now 9 years old! I have to say that last year we lost his little dog that he got for a birthday when he was little....he died of old age....he was such a sweet wonderful little dog.
This is Millie on the left she was a present for our youngest son, Mollie in the middle is her daughter. Millie is coming up on her 10th birthday and Mollie her 5th. Griffen is on the right.
As you can probably guess when the "boys" left home we inherited the dogs.....actually it would've been extremely hard for me to let them go because I have to have something of my sons to stay here with me....does it sound like I have issues:O) Maybe that's why Griffen fits in so well around here. can find her anytime (when she's not begging for a treat) lounging/sleeping/'s hard work keeping a watchful ear and sometimes eye on me....
Until next time.....relax and get some rest:O)
Take Care!

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  1. Julie! Welcome to my blog! And I just loved the story about your doggies, and how they came to you. You left a lovely comment on my Lake Ann hike, and I just have to come over and see who you are, and you are obviously a really good hearted person. Before I follow anybody I need to read them for awhile, but I've got you on my radar now!