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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall (Autumn) is in the "air"

Autumn/Fall is in the can feel it....smell it....and see it happening all around. The spring and summer flowers are starting to fade......making way for the fall bloomers. The air is getting crisp during the late night and early morning. I love this time of year but it also makes me quite sad at times. The fall to me is a time for preparing for "rest" "winter". I like the fall time it gives way to new things just like all seasons it gives us a moment to take a deep breath...and look forward to tomorrow. It's the hint that "Winter" and "cold" is approaching. It can be a little over whelming at seems to sneak up on you, you know it's coming and you've been expecting it for sometime....knowing all the while what you have to do to get ready for it's arrival.....if you have indoor plants that can't hold up to the low temps you know you have to prepare a place for them to "winter" through til the spring....but somehow you can't seem to get the energy or motivation to get going with it....the summer is too hot, the bugs are biting...the list can go on...but we have a small window with Autumn/Fall, I say small because it can come and go so quickly......almost like "Spring"....but when you can "feel" it and "smell" it in the know you need to get busy! Because it may not last very long at all! We have two seasons that seem to last the longest around here Winter and Summer! Spring and Fall are just split second glimpses that give you a hint of warning so when you see, feel or smell them coming you need to act fast! LOL
My husband and sons fix me up a green house every year....this summer we took it down because we need to haul in some dirt to build up our back yard...the rain this year told us we need it;) I bought a green house about three years ago and it's been waiting for the day.....hopefully within the next week or two.....after all I "smell AND feel" Fall in the air!
I've had a double treat this year..this is the second blooming of my bromeliads.
My Zinnias are starting to fade this one (top) is a spider variety
Double or to me it's more like multiple petals
This pink one is the spider variety
Another double.... poor thing....but it will give way to seeds shortly for next years beauty.
How are you handling the "Fall"? Do you prepare for the Winter?
Take Care!

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  1. Those zinnias are just beautiful! I'm excited to get some of the seeds! I think the double blooms are the ones I'm used to seeing - and the only variety I thought they came in! Very pretty flowers. Your bromeliads are gorgeous. You have so many flowers and your yard is just beautiful with them.

    I'm not handling fall well at all. I'm in denial. I would rather have summer year round. But this year we are doing a total over haul of the garden. We're adding raised beds and moving the fencing around it. I also need to rake up some leaves and cover the bulbs and spread black covering around in the greenhouse to help hold some heat when winter hits. A few more delicate plants will have to come inside the house - and finding a place for them where cats and dogs can't eat on them is always a challenge! Winterizing the yard is a lot of work, isn't it??? But, as much as I hate that it signals the end of summer, it feels good to have everything cleaned up and buttoned down for the winter.