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Friday, September 18, 2009

Family and treasures

Families........I have a large family and even though when I was younger I didn't appreciate having them like I do now. After me and my husband had been married a couple of years he joined the military and we moved away from our families. We were on our on......teenagers! But we were doing what we wanted and enjoying our Independence! Even though every chance we got we made a bee line straight for "home". We raised three sons away from the "family" unit but all in all they came out pretty good. But this is not what I wanted to get into tonight and I don't want to start this all over....When my husband retired from the military (we still have to work) so I guess it's not really retirement:) we moved back "home" to be near "family" and I am soo glad we did. I have gotten to enjoy so much! As I said before I come from a large family, my Grandmother had 12 children....she lived to be 102 years old . Sense her passing (didn't mention that she had 10 girls and 2 boys) but the "girls" have been having "get togethers" ever sense. I am fortunate that I get to attend these "get togethers". We all bring something to eat homemade and we have such glorious fellowship! I have learned so much being around them! The stories....we laugh and reminisce and the things I learn about them! They were actually kids at one time:) I Love my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and I'm so thankful that I've had the opportunity to spend time with them like I have been able to.The pictures below are times with some of my family.This is my niece Gracy with Griffen our fella with issues....but he loves everybody! He used to have to wear this neck collar to keep him from chewing his back, even though he still goes through troubled times he hasn't had to wear the collar in about six months! yeah! I love this picture.
This is my Aunts, Uncles and maybe a cousin or two at one of our "get togethers". Sorry about the haze on the right side but you know it's probably from the "BEES" I had been in them the day before and it was honey or propolis...anyway...
This is a black snake at one of the family "get togethers" ....they all know how much of a "nut" about nature I am so when they spotted him they started hollering and I grabbed my camera. When I thought I had a good snap of him my "Dearest of All Uncles" grabbed me and scared the Who..who out of me..that's why the blurred vision. I could write a whole book on my "Dearest of All Uncles" because he also has a "Dearest of All wife" my sweet and adorable Aunt. I Love these two so very much and they are such a huge part of my life that I don't think they even realize how much a part of me that they are! Love you Uncle W. and Aunt T.!
There goes the snake, glad to get away from all of the "nutty" people.
And last but not least a treasure! I have an Aunt that I know I take after quite a bit! We think a lot alike! Well...really I put the word out that if ANYBODY has an old wheelbarrow that they need to throw out Please let me have it....I'll come pick it up! She thought about me! I feel soo honored! I truly do! Do you know what I can do with this thing???? Just wait and see. I really enjoy these things.. they make wonderful planters and you can move them where you want!....well..unless it looses it's wheel or leg supports but it still works as a great planter! Thank you Aunt B.! Love You!!
Call someone from "home" I'm sure they'd love to hear from you!
Take Care!


  1. Aaaaaw, Julie - such a nice post. I miss being around the family so much. It was really nice to see your pictures of everyone. And yes indeed, your Uncle W loves NOTHING more than aggravating someone/EVERYone ;-) And I LOVE your wheel barrel! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Love you.

  2. We certainly miss you. Saw most of everyone today Your mom and dad too. Aunt Barb threatened to take back the wheelbarrow/barrel back from me today! She's a trip! Love them all so much! Well, speaking of treasures...I need to get out and get busy with the remainder of this beautiful day. Love you too!