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Monday, November 16, 2009

Floating Hearts

I can't believe that I haven't been here in so long. I've been meaning to drop a line or two for sometime but just haven't found the time. Not that anyone has missed reading what I have to say. So, anyway because of so many things, I'm here once again.
I had some plants given to me and during their time sitting around waiting for me to plant them, ants moved in....I have a plastic tote that I use to mix my potting soils in so I filled it with water to the rim of the pots to get the ants to move out of my plants. After a day or two I removed the pots and to my dismay ants were floating on top of the water. I thought this was neat so I grabbed my camera. Believe it or not it did not look like a heart when I snapped pictures. Maybe they were thanking me for saving them:-) I dumped them out to move somewhere else. To this day I don't know where they moved.

Remember the wheel barrel my Aunt gave me??? Click on the pic for a closer look. She also gave me that tree that's in front. It's a bottle brush and our honey bees love it, there's also a black-eyed Susan vine growing up in it.
These characters make me smile.....can you see them? The one in the middle is a small green tree frog, the two on the outside are green lizards (anole's), there must be a lot of bugs that come that way......
A "walking stick" or Praying mantis. He reminds me of "Kung fu fighting" I've seen more of these this year than I have in a long time. Could it possibly be because of the decrease in bug spraying??????
And do you know what this thing is????? It's a follow your nose sort of thing! Ewwww it's a stinky thing. When I was little we used to call them Buzzard noses cause they look like a nose with nostrils but I found out today after searching that it's called a stink horn on and on they are called stinky squid. So whether you call them buzzard noses, stink horn or stinky squid I guess the thing we can all agree on is that they stink! Visit these sites though if you will, they have some very good information on all sorts of plants and material.
Well, that's all for now, feel free to leave a comment, complaints, any sort of suggestion(s)..... it helps to have feedback;-)
So until next time....don't let your heart float away.......
Take Care!


  1. Well, I left a comment the other day and I must not have followed through with the word verification or something because it's not here. :-( Oh well... I'll just start over!

    Your pictures are all great - and I love the floating heart! But I can't tell by looking at the picture - is the whole thing solid ants???? Or are they floating on debris? Either way, it's really cool!

    The wheel barrel is so pretty! You definitely got Grandma's genes when it comes to flowers and your yard. I just love what you did.

    We have those stink horns around here too. We had some very odd ones pop up in the back yard called Dog Stink Horn and they looked! I took pictures of them, but never posted them because they looked so much like a certain male part that I was embarrassed to even go there on my blog! I found this pic that will give you an idea How disgusting is THAT???

  2. lol! I know the "dog stink horn" was also on the sites that I suggested but I didn't want to mention them because of the same reason.....very graphic lol!
    The floating heart IS all ants! It was amazing to watch them, they kept rotating from the bottom to the top all the while holding onto each other. That's how they survive when a flood hits and they can't get onto something. We watched a commentary on ants one night and usually when they do the floating thing they have their queen in there and when they get to land the first few scouts go to make sure it's safe then the whole group gets the queen off safely before the rest come ashore....very interesting these little creatures.
    Thank you for the compliment about Grandma, the way I hung onto her growing up I'd be surprised that some of her didn't rub off on me:)