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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Patience...Is it a virtue or......

Is it reward!! In my case this week it has been both!
If you read my blogs you will remember in the last one "It's Always Something" I had been battling with another pest after my chickens. Well....he came back and even though I was not prepared for the outcome, it came together perfectly. My husband and I were outside looking over the yard and I noticed "my nemesis" attacking one of my youngest roosters. He then went over to the door of the large chicken pen and went inside like he lived there! Well, I took off as fast as I could (my husband said he hadn't seen me move that fast in years)lol I wanted to close him in so I could catch him. It took a bit because he's fast and it's a big pen, but I caught him! I was so happy, but then reality started to set in....what in the world am I going to do with him??? For now, he stays the night in a small dog kennel. During the day, when I let my chickens free range I put him in one of the small pens (which is still pretty big). I've thought about taking him back to where he belongs, but they don't want him and he no longer has a flock to tend to.
He looks to me like he might be a Phoenix rooster or at least he has some part. He's feisty that I do know. *****Update*** We got in touch with his owner who told us he did not want him back so we found an older man a few miles away that wanted him for his hens! Nice how things work out isn't it??

Now for a peaceful bit of nature.....A few weeks ago my husband and I took a long awaited and much enjoyed trip to Arizona. We are not traveling people but we absolutely loved this trip!
We saw things we had no idea existed (that's our proof that we don't get out much) lol One beautiful thing we did see and KNEW was our wonderful honeybees! Not "our" girls of course but true blue honeybees! We asked everyone about them but they had no idea they were even there! A good thing in my book. The places we went were wide open areas and I'm 99.9% sure they didn't spray pesticides there, explaining their busy activity. We even asked around trying to find a beekeeper but no luck.
I did however find a "retired" beekeeper through the internet when we got back home. He told me that about 30 years ago people quit keeping bees, because of fear, laws, and then the african bees coming in. He told me that the bees we saw were wild bees and most likely africanized. I was saddened but I'm not so sure I want to believe all the hype that's coming from the media and people that just have a "fear" of something so innocent and determined to take care of her "family" (colony). The honey bee is the hardest working insect or creation known to man. The honey bee is mentioned in the Bible. She produces not only for her family but for ours. The honeybee is an awesome creature! Please take some time to study a little about them , they are not vicious and don't come to attack you intentionally. We need these little critters in our lives. They are in trouble and need for us to be aware of their decline. Don't kill them , just leave them "bee".(alone)
Even in the Arizona mountains cactus grows. You can enlarge this photo to see them.
This was a small river running through the mountains. I could've set up camp and moved there. Such a tranquil place.
Everyone we met on the trails wanted to know if we could feel the "vortex". lol I'm a believer in the "vortex" but I believe it rests inside our soul. You have to meditate and get in touch with your own "vortex". However......even though this is what I believe.....I don't meditate and I haven't been in touch with my "vortex" for quite sometime! And I know I probably sound like I'm out on a limb but to my defense it tells us in the Bible that we should meditate. I have to admit though that this is and would be a fantastic place to meditate and "feel" the vortex.
Such a beautiful place!
Until next about the honeybees and get "in touch" with your "vortex".


  1. I like this..I will get the boys to read this.John will like the meditation part.He likes to sit on the floor and and close his eyes.I am so proud of you for writing about the honeybees.I have to tell you I view them in a different way now.Keep up the work and write your book.I know the boys call you 'bee lady'I will start correcting them on that.You deserve to be called Julie.Love you.

  2. Jeanie,
    You are so sweet. Thank you for the compliments and give the boys a hug for me. Being called "bee lady" isn't bad, I'll answer to either one.:o)
    Love you too!

  3. Well, your nemesis is a good looking boy! He does look like he has Phoenix in him. I'm glad you found a new home for him - and I bet Sonny is too!

    The pictures of Arizona are so nice. It looks like you had a great time. And I agree - that river looks like the perfect place to pitch a tent and spend some time!

  4. Hi BL! I'm glad we found him a home too! I really felt sorry for him, he just wanted someone to "love":o) He wasn't a bad roo I just didn't like him jumping on my guys!
    Arizona was beautiful! It's sooo tempting to pack up and move there! I am smart enough to know though that a place visited is NOT the same as a place lived. Ya never know though....somewhere away from here sounds better every day! LOL. Especially with a sparkling river or brook.....