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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Red and a Day of Sprouting

Remember "Red"? The hen that I thought was twitter pated and wouldn't come out of the coop box because of heart break???? Well, she came up missing about three evenings ago when I did the nightly head count. I was furious because I thought the dog down the road had made off with her. Well, I don't know where she had been hiding out but she appeared this morning and made my day!!! She was scratching around like she had never been gone, and she probably hadn't. The last two days have been hectic around here and I was away for most of both days, so I had not noticed her and hadn't let the others out to free range. But, today I noticed and I let the others out to free range while I did some much needed yard work and planting!!! Finally! Not only that, I discovered some sprouting going on!

My potatoes are sprouting! I planted them in five gallon buckets to regulate the amount of rain that they could get. I did this last year and was pleased with the results.

This beauty was waiting for me today in my green house. I couldn't believe they lived straight through the winter. I planted them last year and harvested bell peppers from them over the summer, then when the cold came in I put them in the green house with my other plants and they survived! Even produced!

This is my parsley, I have tomato seeds planted in the middle. This worked for me very well last year.
According to the almanac, today was my last day to plant above ground plants until the 15th of this month. Root crops can be planted again on the 10th.
I discovered that my lettuce and radish had also sprouted as well as onions and garlic.
Today was a very enjoyable day indeed!
I also planted more crops today, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, egg plant, pumpkin, (Penny's)loofa, yellow squash, zucchini squash, tomatoes (large and cherry) and spinach. I also planted flower seeds for our honeybees. Today was a full day, I also got pictures of our girls (bees) but those pics will be on their blog.

Of course, when I went to close the chickens up one was missing again....Ms. Red! This time I knew she was here somewhere because I had been out all day and the neighbors dog hadn't been around, so I went on an even more extensive search for her...........
There she was under the house in a place I couldn't see her the first evening she came up missing. She was sitting all comfy until I shone the spot light on her, by the time I got my camera she got up, upset that I found her. I thought first that she had gone broody and was laying on eggs, but she isn't. I don't know why she has decided to leave the flock, she mingled with them all day today while they were free ranging. The part of the yard she is in is fenced so I just let her stay where she is. It's also under our bedroom so if something gets after her we can get out in time to save her........I hope:}
I would say this has been a full day indeed!
What kind of day did you have???



  1. Wow - how wonderful your pepper plant survived and is producing! That is so awesome! And I can only image how exciting it is to see potatoes sprouting! We'd have to shovel snow to plant anything right now.... but soon dammit! SOON! And thank you for growing my loofa - I am certain I didn't have success because of our short growing season. If I tried again this year, they would not be in the ground until the last frost date - which is the third week in May here! They should be happy I sent them home to you!

    I've had a chicken or two suddenly decide to stop sleeping with the flock as well. I don't know why in the world they do that. It's usually just as a big snow starts melting and I just figure they are about sick to death of being stuck in the coop with each other! I always catch them and put them in the coop and after a few days they give up and just go back with the others at night. They'd probably be fine out all night though - I've not been able to locate a few in the past and the next morning they are outside the chicken run looking for breakfast! I bet your girl is enjoying a little "me" time :)

  2. Penny, I grow the potatoes in a five gallon bucket, that way if it rains to much I can move them or cover them, the same if it frosts.

    I think you're right about the hens being sick of something. (your case the weather) Reds case I believe is Dominique, the new roo. He wants to mate w/her and she does not like him at all! I watched her today and he followed her around....she jumped up in the roosting box to get away from him. That's a place he won't go. And you were right about her loving her "me" time, I found her this morning out under the trees, she had made herself a dust hole and was pecking while she was laying there....she looked so relaxed and content.
    She reluctantly joined the flock this evening in lock down :0)lol