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Monday, March 15, 2010


This has been a very sad month for me...this March......I've always heard for March "In like a lion out like a lamb". I used to think the quote was for the weather....but this year I'm not so sure. Perhaps it could be for one's life as well. At any rate I'm waiting on the "lamb" part of it. Today has hit me pretty hard and has taken a lot for me to get "motivated" I really don't think I've gotten there even as I type. I did "have" to go outside for something and thought it would be a good thing to check on things outside, I took my camera "just incase". I did find a few things that lifted my spirits........... The "girls" have plenty of water, I love my honeybees......
My coriander/parsley is looking so good, enjoying these still cold days and nights. The pansy's add a colorful touch.
Most of you that know me know that I'm a "nut" for nature. If you look closely you can see tadpoles in these next pictures. Click on the pic to get a better look. I live on a much loved dirt road and the ditches fill up with water and frogs. Well, the water started drying up and the rescue part of me kicked in. I keep an old aquarium around so I filled it with what tadpoles I could. I also have a very small fish pond that I put some in as well.

Have you ever watched a tadpole develop into a frog??? Have your children? Grandchildren???
It's an amazing thing to watch, although it can take a while.

And remember......
Explore the "life" around you!


  1. Awwww, Julie. I'm so sorry March has been so difficult for you :( I really hope the lamb shows up and lifts your spirits. The pictures are great! I love that your herbs are doing so well - and those tadpoles are so cute! I love watching tadpoles grow into frogs. Nice pictures. (((hugs)))

  2. Thanks Penny you are always my lifter-upper :)
    Thank-you again for being there for me and my whining. You always know the right thing(s) to say and I love you for it.
    I should stay outside, everything is popping up from the ground and sprouting out, it truly is a beautiful spring.
    I just let my heart grow heavy for all of the sadness that my sons, family and friends go through....even the animals and wildlife.....I'm in a slump and I'll over it soon.
    Thank-you again,
    Love you!