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Thursday, April 1, 2010

True to Form

Well, in my last post I wrote about March.....and the old saying that if it comes "In like a lion it will go out like a lamb" and visa/versa. I also wrote that the saying could be for life as well as weather. It is as far as I'm concerned, The beginning of March was sad for me and the weather complied as well, but as the month rolled on things began to change.....thank you March for holding true. This year I'm trying out gardening in a whole new way for me. I'm planting in raised beds and planting by the moon/month phase. It's very interesting what months are fertile months and barren, strong,etc. I get calendars and the Old almanac from our local pharmacy, I always have but the almanac used to be intimidating so I never tried it out much.
But the calendar....that's a different story. I really like the symbols of the month that the days are in, you then look it up in the back to see what it means and after you've done a few you get the hang of it and it's really easy......
So we got the beds made. Then I found some black gold, this stuff is free! Yes, free......well, except for the gas and time. A friend told us about this place and I am so glad.
Have you ever wondered what they do with all of the yard debris that people in the city or county don't compost and take to the dump instead? I was and even more so....amazed when I finally reached my destination! Mounds and mounds of composted leaves, trees and dirt. They have bull dozer's working, spreading and turning the compost....all the while on the other side of the road is more and more trees, leaves and peoples yard debris being brought in to start another batch. They know me now...they probably wanted to know what a woman could be doing with so much dirt! :0) I made several trips....
They motion (it's to loud for voices) for you to pull around then a dozer loads you up and your on your way in a matter of minutes!

It makes beautiful plant beds, so rich.
I even got paid! lol I couldn't believe it, I found a penny! The things people lose in their yard. ;0)
Things are sprouting up everywhere....
yes out like a lamb....thank you again March, hope things will be a little nicer when I see you next year. ;)
How was your March?


  1. Wow - that is gorgeous soil! And to think you got it for free!!! I would LOVE to find a deal like that around here. We have clay and shale - and it takes years and years to build it up. The only thing I've managed to get in yet are onions and garlic. I hope to get my summer seeds started this weekend. I'm running behind again.....

    Your raised beds look wonderful! I'm really looking forward to hearing if planting by the moon phases works better for you. And I'm sending positive vibes your way for a happier April! XXXOOO

  2. Beautiful soil!!! I am jealous your tomatoes are in the ground!

  3. I was so pleased with the soil and how rich it is! So far it's been really good with planting by the month/moon phase. I've been wanting to post a monthly calendar but I just haven't had the time. Thank you for the vibes Penny! And thank you for an ear to cry in, ;') LOL XOXOXOX

    Angie, all I can say is move back home to good ole' georgia :>) the only bad thing is the knats are horrible!!!!