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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taking The Plunge and The Egg Fight

I have a hen....a white australorp, her sister's name was "Red". I have never named this hen, most of my hens I don't name unless they are unusually friendly or have a certain personality. Their name has to just come to me when I'm near them, if they respond that's what I call them by. This girl here, I've never felt a name......Anyway....she has character. When Red was alive (a bizarre accident) they would literally fight over a nest box! I mean pulling feathers out, squawking, pecking, the whole nine yards! I would have to break them up, then both of them would leave the box without laying an egg until one saw the other go back in.....well, she hasn't stopped. Apparently she's found someone else to fight with, this time I think she's met her match...a little bantam hen that's broody! Talk about a "wet settin' hen"! Take a look! She's got egg all over her!

This blog is about I'm going to show you something I found sunning itself the other day. It's a brown skink.....and it is huge! I really enjoy seeing these around our place. They eat so many crawly critters that would other wise infest my home. I have "natural pest control" free of charge :o) I leave them alone to do their job and they leave me alone to enjoy my yard and home, pretty good trade off if you ask me!
Well, the tadpoles finally grew into baby frogs! They still have a lot of growing to do. I'm curious though, are they bullfrogs or toad frogs? How can you tell?
I made this lily pad from a real one imprinted in concrete, I also made giant elephant ear birdbaths, it's really fun and easy if you like yard art/crafts. Let me know and I'll post the instructions, and/or the site.

As I was watching them an old song came to mind...."I'm a little green frog, sittin' in the water, little green frog doin' what he otter, took a plunge from the lily pad, looked around and he said "I'm glad.....I'm a little green frog".....does any body remember THAT song????

Just chillin'
Until next time!


  1. Oh goodness! Poor girl got the bad end of THAT egg fight! Great pictures, Julie - as always! I love the skink picture. Your birdbath looks beautiful! You sent me instructions once, but I never made it. I need to get serious about making one! I just love how yours looks like a real leaf!

  2. The lily pad in the pictures above is a stepping stone that I put at the edge of my pond. I put the elephant ear that you saw a while back at the top of my pond overhanging with a frog draining water from it's mouth onto the leaf making a waterfall effect. I need to post pictures now that I've got it finished.
    We got our first frames of honey today, Only three but enough to sell to waiting customers. We have lots and lots more to come, just waiting for them to cap it.