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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

As I Walk Through My Garden I'm Not Alone....

I Love to see these beautiful birds arrive! Golden Finches.....just beautiful!
My yard smells "Heavenly". In the pic above is one of my banana shrub scented flowers. I have a variety of scented plants/shrubs in my yard. I can't help but think about what Heaven smells like if it's supposed to be better than here on earth.
I have a lot of "old fashioned" shrubs and my gardens are my most favorite places to be. I can't help but think of and sing (in my head)lol the hymn "As I walk through the garden alone". It's one of my most favorite hymns. I've told my husband that when I pass I want it sang at my funeral. I requested it to be played at my Grandmothers, it just seems fitting somehow.
A garden in the morning when the dew is still on the roses.....a time to meditate and reflect on the joys of life, love, happiness and sorrow...but the feeling......that knowing all the while that HE is there walking, sitting, listening, understanding and loving you......the feeling is so comforting, so joyful. My Creator, the Creator of all the beauty that surrounds me in my garden.....and my life, HE is truly Awesome!
This is one of two of my little Bantam hens, she and her sister went broody on me last year and raised five chicks together in "The joy of having a sister" post. Last year she started in mid May, this year she started April 1st. Her sister seems to join in behind her a week later. Last year they shared the same nest box and shared the duty of incubating and raising the chicks.

But this year I guess they decided to go separately....again the one on the left is a week behind. They only have a couple of their own eggs, the rest belong to the large hens. They are such sweet moms.......I love my bannies.
Remember the tadpoles in my "March" post? Here's one of the babies, I still have some bigger tadpoles that are just getting their back legs but I can't get a good picture of them. I will release these around my new little pond that I've been working on all week.
This is my "old" pond we've done a little renovation on it...added some dirt around it and cleared out a little bit of the plants so I could get up to it better.
And here are a couple of the inhabitants.......bull frogs....they are so neat to watch. you know what the letters stand for?
Fully Rely On's something I work on constantly because.......HE's still in control.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that you can FROG too! :o)


  1. I love seeing pictures of your yard - it always looks so tropical and peaceful. Those banana shrubs were always on of my favorites when I was a kid. I love your pond! Did y'all put it in? A small pond is on my list of things to eventually do around here......

  2. Thank you Penny. The banana shrubs have always been one of my favorites too. I also have the sweet shrubs that smell like apples..yum!
    Yes, a man I worked with let me have it for half price years ago, he had gotten a good deal on them brand new. We put it in and it got out of hand with everything growing up around it. I don't like being afraid of snakes when I go around it so we had to clear it out a bit. Mama gave me her old one and I've been working on it the last week, I'll post pics of it later this week, hopefully.
    I haven't bought anything for these projects, I'm using my own plants and things that I've had laying around for years. I definitely love my little ponds!