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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gardening with Peter Pan and Rabbits ;)

Have you ever watched the movie "Captain Hook" starring Johnny Depp and Robin Williams? I love that movie! But then again just about anything with Johnny Depp or Robin Williams playing in it, is intriguing. In the movie, one of the "lost boys" ,now grown-up, is looking for his marbles.....a sweet and funny but, sad movie.
It's always been a "little joke" with my family that when I do nutty things, that I have a screw loose or I've lost me marbles! The same in turn, goes when I happen to "find" them.
Well lately I've felt like I have lost me marbles and I seem to be finding them......out in the yard/garden. Have you ever played marbles? I'm not sure if anyone does anymore. I remember playing with my brothers growing up, they loved playing against me because I couldn't get my "cat eyes" to go very far...I don't remember very much about the game except that I usually lost. And in turn I lost my marbles to the best player....
I'm really fascinated when I find them because...really where are they coming from?? No one but me travels these areas...;)
Well, that is.....except for rascally rabbits! I honestly believe I would be harvesting broccoli and kale by now! They mowed down my veggies to the top of the ground. All but one or two made it to grow back, but it's like starting from seed all over again.
I'm not one for sitting up waiting to catch a thief in the act, because all I'd be able to do is shoo it away ;) I lay awake (not being able to sleep) and thought of different ways to keep them out of my gardens....then I heard something tinkling softly outside.... eureka! wind chimes! I couldn't wait for daylight to arrive!

I have raised beds with corner and middle poles/2x2's, for support, doubling as (anything else I can think of to use them for) ;) In this case I used them for stringing up my wind chimes. I realize that some of you will wonder why I didn't just put up a fence around the border of the boxes...I thought of that, but I'm trying to be frugal here! ;) LOL!! I wanted to use something I already had and I didn't want to go out and buy.
Poor little plant :(
I actually even put up a small motion light that I had bought a year or so ago, so if the wind chimes don't work, hopefully the light will ;)
Things are trying to make a come back. We'll see what happens.
Take Care!


  1. Hi Julie!

    I remember marbles! My mom tried to teach my brother and I how to play, but as a child, I was so intrigued by the colors, and swirls that ran through them, my attention got lost in the details.

    Are fairy bunnies bringing you marbles? :)

    Those bunnies beat you to your own vegetables and gobbled everything up! I hope your wind chimes work out. I live in an apartment and don’t have a garden, so I can’t give you any advice. If I did have a garden though, I would fence all my vegetable patches in with chicken wire and then have an open patc...kind of like a “community patch” for all the critters in the area. Chicken wire is really cheap at the hardware store. Maybe that would work for you if the wind chimes don’t?

    Oh...and Johnny Depp...yum!:)

  2. LOL! Kim, you may be on to something about those bunnies bringing me marbles! ;) Maybe payment for eating my veggies! ;)

    So far the chimes and motion light have worked. Yes, I could put up chicken wire but then every time I went to work in the beds I'd have to take it down and I'm all about making things as easy on me as I can ;)
    These little rabbits have plenty to eat around here, that's why they choose my yard to visit/live in! ;)
    Have you ever thought about container gardening? Do you have a balcony? You can grow awesome veggies and herbs in an apartment window or on a balcony.

    Ahhh, yes Johnny Depp! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by Kim I enjoy your comments and your blog! I was commenting on your post about you and your brother the other night and something happened and I had to close down to something in a hurry, I'm going to get back over there and read up again. You have so much going on! I do too but I can't get to the computer enough to type it all up! ;)

    I am quite sure your Mom is watching over you and smiling...knowing she has an awesome daughter!:)

  3. Well it looks like you out-smarted those bunnies! Show 'em who's boss. :)

    I do have a balcony, but it faces a southwest exposure and not too much will survive out there, though the Rosemary and marjoram did well. My lavender never bloomed, but I used the leaves instead. It's just get so hot here.

    Thank you for the kind comment about my mom. At times I think I feel her presence...but perhaps it's just wishful thinking on my part. I'm not sure.

    How are your bees doing?

    But yes, do stop over at "my place" (blog) when you get some time. :)

  4. Best of luck with your rabbit battle Julie! I set my blog to private today so if you'd like to send me your email at I'll add you right away. I have a new post up today.

  5. Thank you Jared! Count me in on your blog! I can't wait to start reading it!

  6. I loved playing marbles with my brothers & even tried to get my grandsons to play, But it didn't happen. But the granddaughters have kept some of the pretty ones. I have a bunch around here in a can some were. I hope you get more out your garden then the bunnies. I will have to move some of my wind chimes to the garden now to see if it helps keep them out mine when I get to start planting mine. love ya charlotte

  7. Hi Charlotte! It won't be long now before your garden will be jumping I'm sure, I just hope it isn't jumping with bunnies! ;)I also had a small battery operated motion light that I put out there and that seems to be working too!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Love ya!

  8. Well, darnit. I'm late. I didn't get any sort of a notice that you had posted. I'll need to sign up again, or check my settings.

    I love marbles too. I don't remember how to play either, and I wasn't any good at it, but I loved collecting them. They are just mesmerizing. Wonder if birds are dropping them in the yard for you? My chickens are constantly bringing old pop tops, bullet casings (and all sort of other things) into the front yard. I guy I worked with lost his car keys and didn't find them until a year later when something in a tree glittered and caught his eye - it was his car keys in a bird nest! HA!

    I hope the wind chimes and motion sensor save your garden. I'll be waiting to hear if it works, too. I don't blame you for not wanting to fence it in. I do that and it can be a pain. Wind chimes is a lot nicer!


  9. LOL! Penny, I can't believe we never played marbles together!

    Love the bird story! Ravens, crows and blackbirds will take away anything shiny in a heartbeat! We have lots of those here. Well, crows and blackbirds anyway!

    I'm not as sure about the chimes working as I am the motion light. I have a feeling though my yard will have to be covered in those lights! ;)