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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is Sasha......sitting in her chair on our front porch, just before daybreak.
She's camera shy and I've disturbed her morning ritual.....she's not too happy with me right now.

She sits in her chair on nice mornings for hours on end looking out into the yard and down the road. I often wonder what she's thinking about.......her younger days most probably, when she roamed these roads around here.....back in her day, she knew everyone that lived around here and they knew and loved her. She loves people and children.....she's such a sweet girl.
About five years ago an influx of new people moved in and they were "afraid" of her, so we put up a fence to keep her in. Her old friends got upset because she didn't visit them any more.
Sasha has a hip disorder and can't get around very good, she walks with a bad limp and falls alot. When she does get out for a stroll she can barely move the next day, meds don't work as good as they once did. The vet is worried about a knot on one of her ribs, so I try to keep her as comfortable as I can.

In the picture above I took her with me to get a load of mulch/dirt in the truck. She loves to ride but she's used to my low little car and when I opened the truck door for her to get in she turned and looked at me as if to say, "you're joking, right!" LOL I really did have to slide the seat all the way back and help her in. Isn't that a sweet face? LOL
More sweetness.....
Out like a light! ;)
She loves her chewies!
Sasha was given to my son on his sixteenth birthday by a girlfriend at the time. I said NO! Absolutely not! She was four weeks old! He asked me to pllleeeaaassseee try her for just one night.....and here we are! ;)
No one liked her, none of our older dogs at the time. I felt so bad for her and before I knew it she had my heart. She's only been away from home one night since she came here and that was for spaying. She's never had pups and she's always been my baby.

I've often talked so much about Griffen because he's our "wild" one. I just wanted to take a moment and share about my sweet girl, Sasha!



  1. Thank you for sharing your sweet girl with us, she is a doll.

  2. Oh, sweet, sweet baby girl!

  3. Awwww. Sasha is so pretty and her sweetness shines through her eyes. She looks very happy too - and maybe just a little bit spoiled ;) Sweet pictures, Julie. Thanks for sharing Sasha with us.

  4. Yeah for Sasha! She is so sweet. She reminds me of my Netta girl. They both lean back on the couch the same way. A lot of dogs disliked my Netta too. She was too sweet for them. Sasha seems the same way. I like the picture of her sleeping with her little tongue sticking out. Too cute!

    Thanks for sharing your baby.... :)