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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What is this thing?!
Millie thinks she might want it for her own.....or either the "mother instinct" in her wants to soothe it and hush it's crying.
Griffen doesn't know what to think about it and wants it to play with him.
Sasha and Mollie want it to go away........
I had a very busy day with bees today and noticed when I came home to crab a few things to work with, that a kitten was crying under (or so I thought) our shed. I was in a very big hurry and couldn't stop to look. We have a few feral cats in our neighborhood and even though we have never had a cat here, one seems to always be around. One had kittens in our garage last year (she found a way in through a crack in the window), she moved them once we found them.
Anyway, when my husband got home we were out working hives and he said, "it sounds like you have baby chicks".....I said no...then he said "baby squirrels?".....I said no.....then it hit him..."oh, no you've got to be kidding me!!! Kittens???" I said "yep!" He went over to the shed (I was in a hive) and he walked back over and I could hear it crying. He said it was between the shed and was soaking wet and cold.
Poor thing, I finished up in the hive and brought him inside, dried him off and let Millie "mother" him while I fixed him something for his tummy.
He was sooo hungry! He latched onto that bottle and wouldn't let go!
Living out and loving nature I always have an animal baby bottle around. I've raised squirrels (heavens knows why) and there's always something that comes along sooner or later that needs a bottle.
He doesn't even have his eyes opened yet.
Sound asleep......I have a heating pad under the rags and he's out ;)
He needs a name.....and a home.....any suggestions?



  1. Aww... it is so cute, as for a name now it looks like he got white socks on those tiny paws so what do you think of Socks as a name. Eyes not open means he's less then 10 days old if I remember right. Been a long time since I raised 1 that tiny. Ours son found 1 little girl in our driveway early one morning. He watched it from his car for an hour hoping the mama would come back before bring her into the house for us to raise. She past 8 years ago. still miss her.

  2. Awww, I'm sorry Charlotte.
    I've never raised a kitten before, I've never had any luck with cats....this one has seven toes/claws on his front paws.....I had thought about calling him Seven ??? Don't know yet though, I might not be able to keep him.
    I wouldn't have even brought him in if he hadn't been soaking wet, and I know that it hadn't rained in a couple of hours. Plus he was crying around noon today when I came home, just before the storm hit. So I'm pretty sure his mom wasn't coming back for him.
    Hey you can have this one ;) lol just, I'm not! ;)
    I love you Charlotte! <3

  3. Awww That is so sweet! And that picture up there with Millie and Griffin is too cute!! I wish I was there! Are you gonna keep it?

  4. Oh my word! He is so tiny! Was that the only kitten? How did he get there if his eyes aren't opened yet?

    Bless you Julie, for doing right by this innocent little guy.

    How about the name "Ashes?" He has an ash-colored coat it looks like. How is he doing?

  5. Awwwwww! He's so cute! I love that you rescued him, and I really like the name "Seven". Did you know that Ernest Hemmingway had cats that all had six toes? In Key West there are six toed cats all over the place - they leave the cutest little foot prints :) I think it looks like Millie and Griffin want to keep Seven as their very own :)

  6. Julie main thing to do for it is to use a warm wet wash cloth on its bottom after every meal to help it go potty. I do remember our vet telling us that until it learns to go on it own. And I love the name seven too. <3<3 good luck with seven.

  7. Mckee, I would LOVE for you to be here! That way you could hold this little thing and feed him! It takes him forever to eat, but the good part is, is he sleeps for four or five hours before he wants to eat again. As far as I know now, I'm going to keep him....I'm already attached to him, he's so cute. I gave him a bath today and blow dried him, he was filthy and covered in fleas! He's been sleeping so much better now.

    Kim, I thought of you and a few of my friends that have cats when I first saw him.
    I'm pretty sure his mom had him under our shed, our son's dog (he stays with me during the day) had been going over there for about a week now turning his head all cute, like he heard something under there. Now we know...;)I looked today and I've been listening but I don't see or hear anything. What I'm thinking is, is she moved them if there were more. Why she left him and didn't come back for him I don't know. She had plenty of time to get him. I came back home around 11am and he was crying, I just thought "great, she's had kittens under the shed". Anyway, I was in a huge hurry, so I grabbed what I needed and left. My husband found him between the shed and garage soaking wet, around 6pm. We've tried to catch the mama cat before but she's slick. I feel bad for her and wish I could catch her and have her fixed. I get so angry that people just let their animals go and they turn feral and multiply.
    He's calico colored, really pretty markings.
    And look at're a sweety for taking in Peppermint like you did! He's a lucky guy to have you.

  8. Penny,It's so funny that you mentioned Ernest Hemingway, a friend came by this morning and was telling me the same story, I never knew that, how neat.
    He does have some big paws and he's already spoiled rotten! He sleeps in a shoe box on my night stand.
    Millie wanted him to be hers so bad last night, until his sharp claws got into her when he tried to crawl on her, now she'll just come and try to comfort him if he's crying, but she won't let him crawl near her.
    Griffen....he just wants someone to play with, I can't wait to see them when he gets older.

    Charlotte, you are so sweet. Thank you for the advise. I figured it would be the same pretty much as it was when I raised my baby squirrels. My last one was named T.R. ....for Tree Rat ;) He was a rotten squirrel! One of our old dogs found him after a really bad storm, I thought it was a baby rat, he hadn't been born but a day or two. No fur at all! That's a long story.....I ranted and raved about squirrels so bad when we first moved here, they dug up everything I planted and planted everything I didn't want growing! LOL Then that little guy fell from the sky and into my heart! When he died I cried for days! Never in my life would I have dreamed I would get so attached to something like a silly ol' squirrel! He lived with us for a year. He had his own little house in a corner where I hung my aprons. He made his nest in one of the pockets. He would wake up in the mornings when I got up and ride on my shoulder until I took him outside to spend the day in the trees,or until he wanted to come back in. At night I would call him in to go to bed. He was a mess!