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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Little Honey Bee

Well, since the last post, I have learned quite a lot about kittens.
Number one just because they are tagged with a famous man's name, doesn't really mean they are rare or elite or famous themselves ;)
A friend of mine (thank you Suzie) told me this little kitty was a Hemingway cat. I was SO impressed! How sweet! I thought.....a very unique kitten indeed! ;) She went on to tell me the story that Ernest Hemingway had lot of feral cats that he took care of and they inner bred, causing the "extra" thumbs and toes on their paws. Well, this explains things, duh....we have feral cats around here, geeze, I'm so outta touch!
She went on to tell me that this little kitty was also a female because she is a Calico. Calico cats are almost always female, rarely will one be a male. Well, I really didn't want to believe her because I had had a look down yonder and things looked to be male gender......;) apparently I didn't look close enough ;) again, I have to admit....I just don't/didn't know.
So, my famous rare male kitten, is "not so". "She" is just an average little girl born out of insest! But, I still love her, it isn't her fault, or her mother''s the person that brought them here that didn't care enough to have them fixed.
This little one will be fixed as soon as she is old enough!

All of her time is spent eating and sleeping.......oh, to be a kitten!

Waking up.......
just to go back to sleep.....
Her eyes finally opened a day ago.....isn't she the cutest!
Love this one!

Griffen can't wait for her to be able to play! He's still not quite sure what exactly she is!



  1. She is so cute & you are a great mama to her.

  2. This is beyond precious! Just think, when her eyes opened, YOU were the first thing she saw!

    It's hard to find kitty private parts. I had trouble finding Peppermint's parts and he is a full grown male!

    Keep us posted about kitty's progress. What did you finally name her?

  3. Thank you Charlotte, you're too sweet!

    LOL! Kim, you always make me smile!
    I think I'm going to name her HoneyBee...I have to wait to see how she likes it though ;)

  4. I love that name! But yes, see how it fits her.

  5. She is just adorable! I have a couple of 5 toed cat prints tattooed on me - as a memory of our time in Key West and Hemingway's cats that I fell in love with :)She is just precious, Julie. And I think Honey Bee suits her just fine. But you are right - cats come with a name. We just have to figure it out :) XXXOOO

  6. Thank you Kim!

    Thanks Penny! All of our animals here have had name tests ;) For me that is....I have to try to figure out what they like or choose to be called. It's funny though when you hit the just fits!XXXXXOOOOOO