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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Joy of Having a Sister

The twins are raising their peeps wonderfully! I can't believe how sweet they are to each other and the babies love both moms equally. Six have hatched out of the ten, I brought the other four in and candled them, two look like duds, one has a peep in it and the other is still to early for me to tell. (I have raised chickens off and on for over 20 years and still can't get the hang of candeling. I have a fear of throwing something out that "just maybe has a chance". I'm like that with plants and flowers too) anyway.......I put them in the incubator so when the one I 'm sure of hatches I'll put "her" out with the others. 
The reason I believe that the peeps are hatching out at such a time distance from each other is because some of the eggs were bigger than mom herself and they kept rolling out from under her some of the time, no matter how much she kept tucking them under. Sometimes the eggs would be cold when I tucked them back under her and fluffed up her nest to hold them in. It doesn't seem to hurt the peeps when the eggs go through a bit of coolness, it just slows down the hatching a bit. But, I do know that if they get too hot it will hurt or even kill the baby chic. 
Maybe that's why her "sis" decided to help out ;-) 
When I thought about starting this blog I wanted to post alot about nature but I have to figure this setup out, the pictures don't want to go where I want them to go. So come back to visit who knows maybe next time I'll have something exciting or unexpected to see.


  1. That is so darn cute! I just can't believe how those mamas share that responsibility and get along! They sure are pretty girls.

  2. Hey Penny!
    Thank-you, I have to agree. They are special. I never thought I would like bannies as much as I have. These girls and the other two are so sweet and love to hang out together.