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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day in review?

     I Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. It's nice to have a three day weekend but when it falls on a day of remembrance sometimes we tend to let the day drift by without remembering why we really have that "extra day" off of work. What's just as sad is the amount of people that don't even realize for whom or why we have Memorial Day. It's not just a day for the recent men and women that died in battle for our country but for all of the wars past and present. I pray each day for our soldiers here and abroad and for their families. It takes a lot to be a soldier. To leave home and go to foreign soil, to help another country while still holding on to ours.  I remember when my husband would have to go away I would get comments from people that "they could never leave their family like that". But looking back now, the person that said that to me doesn't have a giving heart like my husband had or still has. Yes, it takes a special person to be a soldier. It also takes an equal person to be here at home making sure everything will be alright for when that soldier returns home. And it takes a country to be here for the family if God forbid the soldier doesn't make it back home. Sometimes I feel like our country has lost the enthusiasm it once had, the proudness, the unity to stand undivided, or even if it is divided, just to stand. 
This is why I don't throw things out:-) This little peep was a late bloomer, the other babies hatched out over a week ago. The twins had given up on hatching the rest of the eggs (4) because the babies that were already hatched were too much to keep up with for one little hen. This little one stayed in the bator over night after hatching. I put her out with the other six siblings the next day. She was wobbly at first and I was afraid that the moms wouldn't take her in. They pecked at her off and on for a bit but it wasn't hard pecks it was more like a cleaning peck. Anyway, by afternoon you could barely tell her from the rest of the peeps. 
We have been having a lot of rain. But we did have one day with some sunshine, that was a yard and bee day. (I'll get into our bees in another post).
As I was cutting grass out by the patio I saw the grass moving and I was hoping it was a glass snake. I love seeing these in my yard. They are really lizards and eat insects. When frightened or captured they will break off or shatter their tail, in an attempt to escape, only to regrow it. Hence the name "glass". I presume they are also called snakes is because they are long and slither like a snake. If you google glass snake it has some interesting things to say about them.  
This one posed really well for me to snap some neat pictures. They remind me of a zucchini squash with their colors.
These girls are doing a lovely job! I am so thankful! I would much prefer a hen to raise biddies than for me to do it from an incubator. They seem to grow so much better. I love to hear them call the babies when I go out to feed them, it's such a sweet sound with their low cluck,cluck. Then when they get something they start a fast low clucking sound. Come to think of it that's how roos call to the hens when he finds a treat to eat ;-D
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  1. Those hens are so pretty! I love their black tail feathers - they look like beautiful fans. Sweet little peeps too! I'm glad you didn't give up on your late bloomer.

    And that Glass Snake really does look like zucchini! Very pretty.