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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The nature of things

When I decided to start this blog I wanted to write about things that I care about. Things that I know other people care about as well. I may be a little on the extreme side from time to time. Or as I've been told many times.........I think a little to deep. Taking that into consideration I may spark a bit of insight with the way you think or you might just think I'm a nut. That's okay just remember you're probably not far from either thought:-) 
I love life and that includes everything. Most people don't like the fact that I also like snakes, frogs, worms,bees and pretty much every creepy crawly thing that's around. BUT, don't get me wrong....just because I like these things does NOT mean that I will randomly pick them up or let them freely crawl on me:-) I just mean that we should respect them and let them Bee. They have just as much of a right to be here as we do, besides everything is here for a reason........right? Just think about this for a while. Why did God make that?????(pertaining to whatever it is you want to annihilate at the time)
My husband knows how I feel and he has come to except me and my way of thinking over the years;-) an example of that was the other day he came to me and told me that something awful has happened and that I should come look........I went into panic mode and started my questioning routine. Is it one of the chickens????? "No, but I think right now it's worse".....Worse what could be worse???? Then I did of our Son's????? The dogs????
" come see"
(pause time) Most of you might think "why didn't she think of Her Sons before the chickens"....well our "young men" are grown and out on their own now and given the circumstance of the way my husband approached me, he had no phone and we were both outside working in the thought #1 chickens;-)
(I apologize for the side ways picture. My picture program won't let me rotate.) 
This poor snake was climbing the tree and got tangled in a piece of netting my husband had hanging in the tree. He was going to cut the lead out of it. The snake was already dead when he found it.
He seems to think it was this snake, but I don't. I went to collect eggs a few days before the "snake in a tree incident" and when I went to put my hand in the last laying box something caught my eye and I quickly drew my hand out and screamed....yes screamed.....after all I am a girl. With my heart pounding I ran to get my husband, not to kill the snake, just remove it. It was curled up with an egg in it's mouth. (I want to pause here for a minute) I'm a person that believes everything happens for a's an example....a few days before this, my husband (Joe) was using my hoe and it broke leaving just a how convenient was that! I grabbed the now hook and gave it to him and it worked perfectly! As you can see the snake got to keep it's now egg in the throat meal and was set probably be back another day, unless........ it was the one that got tangled in the net;-(    Most of the snakes around our place are non-poisonous, but I usually don't take chances....I just run;-) They are just as scared because they usually take off the other way too. I try to explain to people not to kill them because they do help us...they eat things that we don't want in our house eating our food. Also the owls, hawks and other birds of prey feed on the snakes as well. When we kill off everything that we are afraid of or don't like it throws things out of balance. I have lost allot of eggs and chickens to predators but it is my responsibility to protect them as best as I can without harming the wildlife. After all we moved into their territory and took away their hunting grounds and food. While I can't or won't watch it happen............I understand. 
But what I won't tolerate is someone letting their dog or cat run loose to come in my yard to kill.(I have actually lost more animals to domesticated animals(other peoples dogs) than to wildlife)I will and have gone to battle over that. But that's another story.
It's raining today again......most people are fussy about it but not me. I've got so much inside work to catch up on that I needed another day of rain. I tend to go from outside to inside getting so sidetracked in both places that I don't get what I want or NEED to, accomplished on sunny days. 
A prime example is I figured out this picture posting "where I want them to go thing" even though I still don't think it's user friendly but that's just me.
I'm also rendering bees wax today, along with some deep cleaning on this old house. 
I still have a lot of wax to render so I'll close for now.
Bee Natural/Bee Yourself/Just Bee

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