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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Moms

I call these two The Bobbsie twins, they have always been together. So, I guess it is only natural that they would want to be moms together. The box that they nested in is to high off the ground for babies, so my dear sweet husband helped me put together a pen for them. Actually, it was the transition pen that we had put together for baby peeps that I finished hatching in the incubator.(another whole new story) I spent most of last week putting up a new pen to move them in, so now I have a nursery pen as well as a transition pen.  I hope I haven't lost anyone;-)
I was really afraid that the twins would object to the move but as you can see they took to it very nicely.  Grey and the other baby peeps are not adjusting so well. Grey is the oldest of the peeps and she is very protective. She's always the first one to come running when she hears me and the first one to check to make sure everything is okay. You can see her coming down the flank when I went out to check on them before coming in for the night.
I'm not sure what kind of bantams the twins are....I traded some of my big hens for four bantams last summer. I've never been fond of bantams or so I thought. I've always had large chickens but I have to admit I have really enjoyed these hens. 
Well, I'm still learning how to do this posting and blogging thing. The pics didn't post in the order I had written about them, so if you have questions feel free to ask:-)
I have alot more pictures to post and things to write about, it's supposed to be rainy this week so maybe I'll get some computer time in........well, in between clouds :-)


  1. They are too sweet! I just can't imagine two mommas getting along like that. You KNOW that's not happening around here! The babies are just precious. Any idea who the daddies are?

    Great job on the pen! I REALLY want to expand the coop so I can have larger pens, but I'm too afraid to mention it to Bernie right now. Not too long ago he commented that he never dreamed working on the coop would become a life time commitment for him ;-)

    Love ya,

  2. The eggs that they hatched belonged to my large hens but they still have a couple left that are banny and cochin mixed! Now that's a mix I'm waiting to see! All of these babies belong to Sonny (Sunshine)my Cochin roo.
    The first one of the twins(the one on the left) had eight eggs, four of them has hatched so far. The hen on the right just started with her two last Monday the 18th.

    I started the pen projects myself and when I asked Joe where a few things were he said "I'll help you" so I took him up on it;-)
    I still did alot of the fence/pen work myself.
    One of the pens is an old dog pen that we bought 20 something years ago and have carted all over the country with us! See, you're not the only "pack rat" ;-)
    I just went around the bottom with a small holed netting and put fence on top.
    Love Ya!